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"My approach to policy and politics

       has always been pretty simple...

1. What does the law say? 

2. What do the people want?

Wheat Field

When 'what the people want', is a change in the law...

3. Follow open, transparent public processes.

4. Treat every citizen equally, under the law."

About Mary in Marvin

Mary Shkut in Marvin - About Me

I have been an active member in the Village of Marvin since 2005. While some Villagers

get involved in local schools and neighborhood socials, I have tended to dedicate most of my volunteer community efforts toward Village and community political efforts. Before getting involved in Marvin, I had begun a career in academia; particularly sociology and statistics. My independent academic research was published in the areas of Culture, Ethnicity and Identity.   

My Start in Village Business

Upon moving to the Village of Marvin, I volunteered to design and execute a survey, to gauge resident interest in the Longview South commercial development. As is often the case with independent studies, the project required me to research the subject matter and corresponding theories of analysis; in this case: planning, zoning & land development practices in North Carolina; along with methodologies used to measure traffic and trip generation. After presenting the results, I was invited to apply to the Village Planning Board, was appointed, and have been immersed in Village Land Development projects and North Carolina Statutes ever since.

My History on the Planning Board & In Village Hall

I spent many years on the Planning Board, and most of those year were spent as Chairperson of the Board.  When faced with a drastic reduction in staff, I spent two years employed by the Village as Village Clerk & Park Development Coordinator. While I was the Village Clerk, I also created and executed the Village's first Village-wide Land Use Plan survey – an important tool used to help guide Village land use decisions based on detailed resident input. As employment conditions stabilized, I resigned from the position to return to the Planning Board.

A Few Other Planning Related Projects for the Village

In the past few years, (and, at the Senior Planner's request) I drafted the Village's first comprehensive Land Use Plan. Each section was drafted with the help of Village residents. The Land Use Plan draft centered around results of the resident Land Use Plan survey, to ensure future goals reflected what residents want to see in their Village. The draft was placed in the hands of the current Planning Board and Council for review and revisions.  I have yet to see what has occurred with that draft since my departure in December 2017.

My Recent Appointment to the Village Council

Most recently I was appointed to fill Councilman Ron Salimao’s Village Council seat. The appointment didn't please proponents of expansive commercial development. So, as you might imagine, a few people have contested my appointment. In the face of adversity, I believe my motto helps keep me focused on what's important: what do everyday Marvin residents want in their community. I feel compelled to listen and represent the people first, provide complete transparency, analyze current conditions, come up with solutions, all while staying true to Marvin's primary visions.

Topics of Particular Interest

I have a special fondness for data, analytics, facts and statistics. Due to my education and academic interests I have taken a particular interest in traffic generation, in relation to development, and have a keen understanding of the relationship between community uses and the impact this can have on roads and surrounding neighborhoods. I enjoy collaborating and striving toward goals that continue to make Marvin a serene and enjoyable place for neighborhoods and families.

My Home, and My Family's Home, is Marvin

My family and I love being residents of the Village of Marvin. My husband is a loyal Marvinian (who you'll often find volunteering at annual park events, or at Village meetings). I am also a mom to two beautiful teens: one who is in his second year of high school this year and the other in her second year of university. Next to my family, my passions include a love of learning and a love of service. I have a passion for problem solving, policy and people, and an inherent drive to take care of community and resident issues whenever possible.

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