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My Decision to Accept Write-In Votes

My decision to accept write-in votes was a last-minute decision...

About two weeks before the election I was asked if people could write-in my name for Marvin Council. I considered it more seriously when Mr. Christopher Smith approached me around the week of October 25. He had growing concerns about the true intentions motivating the Firethorne associated candidates on the ballot and the intentions motivating the Firethorne Campaign Organizers working to get them elected.

Chris Smith’s Endorsement

I had gotten to know Chris over the past year, when he applied for, and was appointed to the Marvin Planning Board. In that time I found Chris to be an independent and principled person, with a natural inclination to gather information for himself. He seems genuinely drawn to public service and has a strong ethical compass. His decision to be forthright about what he believes is best for Marvin has been remarkably courageous given the social pressures being applied to him by the Firethorne Campaign Organizers. In my opinion, it is exactly the type of courage and conviction Marvin needs in order to leave drama and corrupted influence behind.

Evening of October 31, 2019 

On the evening of October 31, 2019, the following four factors culminated into my decision to accept write-in votes.

(1) I was asked whether I would consider it by faithful Marvin supporters.

(2) I learned to what extent Council candidates on the ballot had not been transparent

with citizens about their political positions on key issues and their associations 

(3) I learned to what extent the Council candidates had made no effort to earn the

confidence of voters beyond Firethorne associated supporters or those they felt 

would result in expedient votes for their election. (e.g. Courtyards of Marvin)

(4) Christopher Smith's intelligence, his strength of character, his outlook on public

service, and the promise of brand-new, principle-centered leadership.

Although I was ready to retire and I knew being elected would require a miracle, I, like Chris Smith, felt the Village still deserved qualified, experienced & dedicated leaders, with a transparent platform, who felt a genuine call to serve the public for the right reasons. I am happy I took part and was able to rally genuine resident support in a short time. My fondest memories on the Council, and in the Village, have been those times where I felt I was truly serving all of you!

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