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My Gratitude & Thoughts on the Marvin Election Outcome

Thank you!!

Many kind citizens, neighbors and friends have asked how I'm doing since the close of the 2019 Marvin election. I am personally doing very well!... I have a lot for which to be grateful!

With only four days’ notice, I received renewed support from many residents who I have deeply cared about serving. Receiving support filled me with an overwhelming feeling of serenity. I do not regret accepting write-in votes at all. It gave me the opportunity to remind opponents not to take candidacy for granted. And, most of all, I got to remind voters they have a right to expect more from candidates!

The truth is... Only a few weeks ago, I was beginning to feel the elation of moving on and, in a selfish way, I still feel the same way. I have a lot to look forward to... Meanwhile, please know that my fondest memories, in the Village and on the Council, will always be those times when I felt I was truly able to serve citizens and help with concerns.

When I think of other public servants, like Robert Epps and Chris Smith…

I feel regretful of having to leave Robert Epps and Christopher Smith behind to contend with the outcome of this election. Both men are good people and true public servants. They have endured more than they should have had to endure in trying to serve. I wish I could be there for them.

When it comes to Marvin policy and ethics…

Knowing I had your support, I worked hard to pass policies to improve accountability, transparency & ethics. (link). I somewhat concerned important strides we made this year be reversed. Yet, I am content to accept what the people decide in a free and fair election.

I’m always hopeful…

Sometimes God has a plan for us that we don’t yet, understand. So perhaps, God willing, the next time around, voters will bind together and change things for the better. I continue to hope wonderful and unencumbered Village neighbors will choose to get involved and make an honorable mark on Marvin.

In the meantime, always know you can count on me for insight, advocacy and encouragement. I look forward to a long-awaited rest, but I am also happy to provide guidance if, or when citizens might need me.

Yours truly,

Mary Shkut

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