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Your support means more than you can possibly imagine.  The signatures and supportive comments I have received from the community to-date have given me the strength to keep going.  To join us, please place your name, email address and comments of support in the response boxes below.  ~ With heartfelt gratitude, Mary Shkut
The Petition

We, the undersigned, support and firmly implore the Marvin Council to recognize and respect the following:

~ Councilman Salimao’s twelve years as a faithful Village servant 

~ Salimao’s want to appoint a dutiful successor to his elected seat

~ Salimao’s desire to leave qualified representation for his voters 

~ Laws protecting Salimao’s right to vote on his successor 


We, also firmly implore the Council to recognize and respect:

~ Ms. Mary Shkut’s twelve years as a faithful Village servant

~ Ms. Mary Shkut's knowledge and experience

~ A need for Mary's skills & professionalism on the Council

If ignoring our request is what this Council feels they must do:

~ The Council should follow the laws and respect due process

~ File a "Quo Warranto" writ as required by State law 

~ Ensure proper State judicial proceedings are followed


Still, we, also firmly implore the Marvin Council to:

~ Honor all legislative decisions made by this Council

~ Abide by Oaths of Office and stand by North Carolina laws

~ Fully respect Mary Shkut’s legal placement on the Council

~ Fully grant Mary all rights, duties and powers of her office

~ Work for common good, despite differing views and opinions

~ Host healthy, transparent democratic debate

The Undersigned

This petition has approximately supporters 68 as of July 10, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

Leave a Written Public Comment.

It will be submitted to the Council.

Alternatively, feel free to sign the petition above.

What the Community is Saying
~ Names and addresses have been withheld to keep identities secure ~

“Mary is an incredibly ethical woman who has served Marvin tirelessly and always worked hard to ensure that Marvin zoning laws are upheld. She spends hours researching the issues and because she won't let herself be bullied by developers, she has become the target of many.  Marvin has very strict zoning ordinances, and that is a GOOD thing.  They are protective ordinances. They protect residents from getting a Wal-Mart behind their house, and they keep Marvin one of the most desirable areas in NC. Mary won't approve the huge neighborhoods that everyone is complaining about.  Mary won't make big variances to our ordinances to accommodate a developer.  We have these ordinances for a reason, and every developer has access to them before they buy in Marvin. That said, I am not against development at all.  We just need smart development in keeping with Marvin's vision.  There are very few people willing to draw a line in the sand, and Mary is one of them.  She represents a large fraction of the Marvin population, and she should be allowed to serve. By supporting Mary, I am in no way trying to be divisive or incendiary to the other Council members. I just believe that it's incredibly unhealthy to have a council that only supports one faction of the Marvin community.  Mary is hard working, honest and incredibly smart.  She deserves to serve us.”

“I support Mary as Ron's replacement on the Marvin  


“The national political stage represents a loss of all decorum, and we should not use it as a political compass in our local communities.  We should be able to disagree with vigorous intellectual debate that strengthens the solution, and we should be able to abide by the laws instead of subvert them for personal gain.  At some point, this country--and it will start at the local level--will have to return to civil discourse as our primary problem-solving path, instead of intimidation and lawlessness.  I support Mary and her rightful position on the council.  The hallmark of greatness is not our ability to find the like-minded, but rather the ability--and desire--to pave common ground with those with whom we disagree. Thank you, Mary.”

“Over the years I have personally served the Village of Marvin in numerous voluntary positions. During that time I have always had great respect for the hard work and diligence I always observed as Mary served the Village of Marvin and all it's residents.”

“Looking forward to your long term involvement as a council member & Mr Salimao’s replacement. Appreciate all you are doing Mary & Team.”

“…Mary, you are the right person for the job!...”

“… I don’t believe the Council could have found a more qualified person for the role.  You’ve done a great job representing Marvin on the Planning Board and as Village Planner.  Your a true professional and someone I really respect in this business.  Good luck in the new role, I look forward to working with you again!...”

“Mary has proven herself to be an invaluable resource for the citizens of Marvin and has demonstrated her knowledge of Village ordinances and state laws numerous times over the past decade, all while suffering unwavering attacks from the high density development faithful.  Her sense of duty is unswerving and her ability to remain factual has been amazing.”

“As I have worked with Mary on the Planning Board for years, I know without doubt, that if Mary states her appointment is legal, then it is.  Mary never does anything without checking out all the facts and confirming them.”

“We have valued Mrs. M. Shkut’s advice and support over the years regarding issues concerning the character and integrity of our neighborhood and those of the Village of Marvin.  Any additional information the Village Council may wish from us in support of Mrs. Shkut will be gladly provided.”

“I implore you, as a resident of Marvin, follow the laws and respect due process. I support Ron Salimao’s right to leave behind a qualified representative to represent me and allow him to appoint a responsible successor to his elected seat. Further I implore you to fully respect the need for Mary Shkut’s professionalism, skills and transparency on the Council. Do the right thing, not your thing.”

“I’ve read the statutes and Councilman Salimao can appointment a successor for his remaining time and vote on that successor.  The fact that Village business has ceased and the majority of reps didn’t attend [an] NCDOT meeting in June is unacceptable.  Lets get back to work.”

“Ms. Shkut was lawfully appointed under that North Carolina Statutes that govern the Village of Marvin.  Removal or obstruction of her duties is a serious breach of law and legislative duty.  The Mayor should consider his next steps carefully lest legal and electoral action follow.”

“The Mayor has said that elections have consequences.  I agree.  Following the law is not an ad-hoc event for the Mayor--it is a requisite. Threatening to have a lawfully elected council person removed from office without legal grounds is tyranny.  Such an unlawful act will lead to a serious lawsuit and, undoubtedly, a recall petition.”

“This is a democratic village, not a fiefdom, and there is no reason for this childishness. I join other Marvin residents who are fed up with village business not being carried out because of some of our elected leaders not being able to work with others who have the best interests of the town in mind, not personal gain."

Working along side of Mary for five years on the Village of Marvin Planning Board I feel that she has a high moral compass and the upmost integrity. She tackles each and every ordinance, variance and task with enthusiasm and is willing to perform the necessary due diligence. She is the type of person we want paving the way. She has a backbone and will wrestle issues not for the faint of heart. I stand behind her, along side of her and would work for her in a moments notice. In my humble opinion Mary is a true public servant and is in no way shape of form attempting to feather her nest. Stand tall Mary for you are the type of leader I want for my Village.

Supplemental Petition Information

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Thank you for your support.

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