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A Willingness to Resolve Disputes

Thank you, to all of you once again, for providing unforgettable support for good government in the past few months! This week I made an offer I would like to tell you about, because I hope it will go a long way towards healing community and Council discord.  It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but I hope it will be worth it for all involved...

Each of you deserve a local government that makes your best interests and the interests of the Village as a whole its number one priority...

Updates: Mary's Appointment to Council

DEC 07:  Judge Bragg Issues His Ruling 

Judge Bragg ruled in favor of the Defendant. He noted that his initial ruling to dismiss the case was a pre-trial ruling. Motion 59 (the Motion to Reconsider), filed by the Plaintiff, was an 'invalid' and improper motion. Judge Bragg ruled that his dismissal of the Plaintiff's case holds.

NOV 27:  Judge Bragg, Superior Court, Hears Motion to Reconsider 

Joe Pollino and Kim Vandenberg requested made their argument.  Defendants argued a Motion to Reconsider was an invalid, post-trial motion. Judge Bragg's ruling to dismiss the case was a pre-trial ruling.

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